Privacy Policy

Welcome to Tradeszee! This privacy policy outlines how we handle your personal information at Tradeszee, a website dedicated to providing comprehensive education on forex, binary options, cryptocurrencies, and trading. Our services include forex and binary options indicators, expert advisors for both MT4 and MT5 platforms, and various trading strategies. All our services are offered free of charge, with no paid services or agents involved.


At Tradeszee, we value your privacy. This policy describes the types of information we collect, how we use it, and the steps we take to ensure it is protected.

 Information Collection

No Collection of Personal Information: As of now, we do not collect any personal information from our users. Our primary focus is to provide free educational resources and tools for trading.

Notification of Changes: If we decide to collect personal information in the future, we will update this privacy policy accordingly and provide the reasons for collecting such information. Users will be notified of these changes before they are implemented.

 Use of Information

Educational Purposes Only: The information and tools provided on Tradeszee are strictly for educational purposes. We do not encourage any form of investment. Users should make their investment decisions at their own risk.

Data Sharing and Disclosure

No Third-Party Sharing: We do not share any personal information with third parties. If our policy changes in the future, we will update this section and notify our users.

Data Storage and Security

No Data Storage: Since we currently do not collect personal information, there is no user data stored on our servers. In the event this changes, we will implement appropriate security measures and update this policy.

User Rights

Notification of Collection: Users will be informed in advance if we begin to collect personal information, and they will have rights to access, correct, or delete their information as applicable.

Cookies and Tracking Technologies

No Use of Cookies: Currently, we do not use cookies or other tracking technologies on our website. If this changes, we will update our privacy policy to reflect the use of such technologies.

Children’s Privacy

Educational Content for All Ages: Our content, services, products, tools, and guidelines are suitable for individuals of all ages for educational purposes. However, because this site pertains to trading, certain third parties such as brokers may not allow individuals under 18 to create accounts and trade. Minors can still use our website to educate themselves about trading.

 International Data Transfers

No Data Transfers: As we do not collect user data, there are no international data transfers at this time. Any future changes will be updated in this policy.

Policy Updates

Regular Updates: We may update our privacy policy periodically. Users will be informed of any significant changes through updates posted on our website.

 Contact Information

Consent and Preferences

User Consent: By using our website, you consent to our privacy policy. If any changes are made to how we handle user data, users will have the opportunity to review and consent to the new terms.

Regulatory Information

Compliance: We strive to comply with relevant data protection regulations and take user privacy seriously. Any regulatory updates or requirements will be reflected in this policy.